REShow: Jim Nantz - Hour 1 (5-17-2022)


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Rich comments on Deshaun Watson’s upcoming meeting with the NFL regarding his off-field legal troubles and offers up some advice for embattled Browns QB Baker Mayfield.

CBS Sports Announcer Jim Nantz tells Rich why the AFC’s deep stock of quarterbacks will make the conference highly entertaining and competitive for the next decade, says how he (like the rest of us) will angle to watch the Rams vs Broncos Christmas Day game without upsetting his wife and kids too much, reveals that not many agreed with his early prediction that Tony Romo would be great in the broadcast both and why he’s predicting similar success for Tom Brady once he retires from the NFL, and previews the PGA Championship saying he thinks Tiger Woods has a chance to capture the Wanamaker Trophy.

Rich and the guys wrap up the hour reacting to Mike Del Tufo’s ridiculous claim that back in the day he could beat Giants LB legend Lawrence Taylor in a footrace.

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