REShow: Hour 3 (5-13-2022)


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Rich reacts to the NFL’s 2022 schedule release and says why he’s surprised Russell Wilson will have to return to Seattle in Week 1 with the Broncos to face his old team the Seahawks.

Rich weighs in on how the NFL scheduled the Browns-Texans game next season and wonders if a possible Deshaun Watson suspension played a role in when the game will be played.

Rich breaks down the Arizona Cardinals' tough early season schedule that could turn ugly in a hurry during DeAndre Hopkins’ 6-game PED suspension to start the year.

In his ‘What’s More Likely’ segment Rich says if we’ll see an undefeated or a winless team in the NFL next season, if the Rams or Bengals are more likely to return to the Super Bowl, if the Cardinals or 49ers will be on the outside looking in come playoff time, if Matt Ryan or Russell Wilson will win more games with his new team, and more!

Rich and the guys react to the breaking news the the 76ers intend to bring back head coach Doc Rivers next season.

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