Ep.100 "Just Because You Are A Character Doesn't Mean You Have Character"


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This week on The Reel Debaters Mark, Micheal, Martin and Rob compare real life scenarios from movies like The Road and Pulp Fiction, share notes on their weekly watch lists and try and sell each other on what to watch next, play a new game called “admit it” (patent pending) , argue who does the best Micheal Caine impression , what was our first porno and lots more!

Note: The cast and crew (what crew?) would like to thank you all for being with us while we got to our 100-episode milestone. In totality it’s small but in our universe it’s shocking and amazing and feels like winning an Oscar or something silly like that. This is not what any of us thought we would be doing 2 years later. If we have missed you in the intro to this episode please let Michael know at thereeldebaters@gmail.com and you’ll see us groveling on social media for your forgiveness.

Search Reel Debaters on youtube for our new webseries "Reel Quicks" The short review we all need. Also, James Beaver is from Beaver Does Podcast, some idiot forgot to mention his name. Have an idea for the show, email us!

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