The Pivot with Sean Hayes


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The PIVOT WITH SEAN HAYES explores The Pivot individuals make in life to get their business and/or life back on a successful and productive track. Sean Hayes interviews CEOs of Failed Companies, Former Pimps, Former Drug Addicts, Pastors, Ex-Convicts, Failed Entrepreneurs and others on their path from Tragic Failure to Euphoric Success. SEAN HAYES is an International Businessman, Head of an International Law Firm, Former Law Professor, Former Dean of a UN University, International Attorney and CEO. Sean is rated a Top 100 Attorney in Korea and one of the top lawyers working on international business matters in Asia and North America. Sean runs two leading law blogs: The Korean Law Blog ( and The New York Law Blog ( Sean Hayes is a candidate for mayor of West Haven, CT and, formerly, ran for Attorney General and City Council of New York City. #TeamSeanHayes#SaveWestHaven#SaveNewYork

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