Nikon Z8 Rumours Drama, Z Lens Patents - What's coming? 3rd Party Batteries YES/NO? Tokina Price hike - The Nikon Report 78


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Konstantin & Becky bring to you the latest Nikon news and photography related announcements.

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Nikon Report 78

Nikon released a D7100 Firmware

Nikon Z8 Rumours Drama:

The Patented Lenses We Haven't Seen by Thom Hogan

Nikon issued a Notice Regarding Completion of Payment for Disposal of Treasury Stock as Restricted Stock Remuneration

Nikon continues to buy back their own shares:

3rd Party

Lots of Tokina News

The new TTartisan 32mm f/2.8 full-frame autofocus lens for Nikon Z-mount is finally available for pre-order.

Viltrox announced firmware update version 1.0.2 for the Viltrox AF 13mm f/1.4 STM lens for Nikon Z-mount that fixes the screen flicker problem when recording video.

Let’s talk: Nikon Z9 third-party battery options.

EasyCover protection silicone covers for Nikon Z9 and neoprene covers for Nikkor Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S


Nikon Z 400mm f4.5 VR S review by Camera Labs

Weekend Read & Watch

Untold Stories of the Nikon Z9’s Development

Interview with SIGMA Corporation CEO Kazuto Yamaki - July 2022

Seth Miranda with tips on using the Reflector in New York

Nikon's Long Lenses - A Rapidly Evolving Landscape by Camera Store TV

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