Even More Z9 News, No mechanical shutter? Z 100-400 Lens Confirmed, FTZ II is coming, Nikon India Leaks - The Nikon Report 41


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Konstantin & Becky bring to you the latest Nikon news and photography related announcements.

Rebecca Danese: https://www.instagram.com/rebecca_danese

Konstantin Kochkin: https://www.instagram.com/konstantinkochkin

Production: Konstantin Kochkin

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0:00 Intro

0:33 Z9 no mechanical shutter?

2:30 More buttons discussion

3:45 Nikon India Z9 presentation leak

8:20 Z9 rumours galore

9:09 Final Price bets

10:53 Z9 vs to other brands

13:28 Z 100-400 S leak

14:15 Z 400 f/2.8 coming?

15:20 FTZ II confirmed?

16:16 Z9 goes to the Svalbard

18:42 Zfc and Z 105 win a Comprehensive Gold Award 2021

19:12 Techart says not to update Z6II & Z7II firmware to v.1.30

20:11 Reviews

The Nikon Report #41

Z9 Coverage

Nikon India leaked Z9 presentation video with basic specs


Apart of Z9 this week Nikon is expected to announce 2 more lenses.


Photographers who already has a Z9 for testing:

SVALBARD Photo Travel | Birds and Landscapes


"Z fc" and "NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f / 2.8 VR S" won "Comprehensive Gold Award" at "Digital Camera Grand Prix 2022"


Techart & Megadap advise not to upgrade to the latest Nikon Z7II v1.30 and Z6II v1.30 firmware updates because that may cause issues with the existing Z-mount adapters.



Nikon Z 40mm f/2 lens review by Richard Wong on his YT


Nikkor Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct lens tested at DxOMark: the highest score ever achieved and the best sensor/lens combo ever tested


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