Terrifier and Terrifier 2: Jesse Edition


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On this week's episode of The New Flesh, Brett and Jesse stave off Pinhead and his band of Cenobites for another couple of weeks and instead opt to send in the clowns. That's right, it's another episode on both TERRIFIER and TERRIFIER 2, this time featuring current New Flesh co-host Jesse Hassenger, and not that pesky Joe guy! This November we're extending Patreon bonus awareness month and keeping the extremely-relevant new release coverage afloat. We just did SOFT & QUIET, one of the most shocking films of the year. We're recording BLACK PANTHER and the THE FABELMANS today. In October we covered HOCUS POCUS 2, SPIRIT HALLOWEEN THE MOVIE, SIGNIFICANT OTHER, DEADSTREAM, THE MUNSTERS, MR. HARRIGAN'S PHONE, and more picks we missed are on the way. Before that, tons of horror and movie industry news: Smile vs. Halloween box office numbers, the IT HBO Max prequel series Welcome to Derry, John Wick Chapter 4 and The Ballerina, The Crooked Man Conjuring update, Luca Guadigino on The Mummy, and more. The New Flesh podcast is the best horror podcast about horror movies, scary movies, and all things tangentially related to horror, horror movies and the horror lifestyle. Horror franchises, new horror releases, and all the horror news and movie industry news that's fit to print! Subscribe to the New Flesh Patreon for weekly bonus content and more www.patreon.com/newfleshpodcast Subscribe to Brett's new show 'Roger and Me,' a show celebrating Roger Ebert through weekly rewatches of 'At The Movies' with Siskel and Ebert as well as a weekly round-up of reviews of all the new releases out in theaters. It's available wherever you listen to podcasts or you can watch the video feed on YouTube. Apple: apple.co/3PvqgA0 Spotify: spoti.fi/3Pyv1Zl YouTube: bit.ly/3PyD6gG Stitcher: bit.ly/3J5rS0L

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