Skinamarink (ft. Randall Colburn, Tynan DeLong)


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Happy Friday, New Flesh listeners! IT'S A SURPISE EARLY DROP! SKINAMARINK is now available to stream on Shudder, and to celebrate, we are posting the episode in full on the main feed. Take that, paywall! Shudder dropped it a day early. Guests are Randall Colburn of The Losers' Club podcast and filmmaker Tynan DeLong, whose upcoming film 'Dad & Stepdad' you should seek out! This week's Patreon episode belatedly dropping today or tomorrow. Last week's bonus is up, on SHOTGUN WEDDING and the state of rom-coms. On Monday, The New Flesh returns to the main feed with KNOCK AT THE CABIN from the always-divisive M. Night Shyamalan. Check out 'Roger & Me,' where Brett reviews all new release movies every Friday with film critic Mark Dujsik. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, or watch on YouTube. Apple: Spotify: YouTube: Stitcher:

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