Memory I Vortex I Lux Æterna (ft. Bilge Ebiri)


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18:30 BILGE EBIRI joins the show for main event On this week's episode, Jesse vacations at an undisclosed location and Bilge Ebiri returns to fill the void! Enter the void! Get it?! We're talking TWO new Gaspar Noe films, Vortex and Lux Æterna, and the latest Liam Neeson actioner with a twist, MEMORY Also, tons of horror and movie industry news including CinemaCon announcements like A Quiet Place: Day One, Ghostbusters 5, The Nun 2, The Batman 2, John Wick spinoff The Ballerina, Halloween Ends preview, Fall of the House of Usher casting update, Disney's new Haunted Mansion and TWO Wickeds? The New Flesh podcast is the best horror podcast about horror movies and all things tangentially related to horror, horror movies and the horror lifestyle. Horror franchises, new horror releases, and all the horror news and movie industry news that's fit to print!

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