Chucky Season 2 (ft. Louis Peitzman)


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41:10 Chucky conversation starts On this week's episode of The New Flesh, Chucky expert and most winningest guest Louis Peitzman returns to talk CHUCKY season 2 with Brett and Jesse! Subscribe to the New Flesh Patreon for weekly bonus content and more Before the main event, tons of horror and movie industry news including SCREAM VI update, Indie Spirit Award nominations for horror films, BED REST coming to Tubi, BLADE gets a new director, and a new Cronenberg?! The New Flesh podcast is the best horror podcast about horror movies, scary movies, and all things tangentially related to horror, horror movies and the horror lifestyle. Horror franchises, new horror releases, and all the horror news and movie industry news that's fit to print! Brett and Jesse guested on the Authorized Novelization podcast last week, discussing HALLOWEEN ENDS with the author/one of the screenwriters. Listen here:

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