Best Horror Movies of 2022 (ft. Louis Peitzman)


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30:58 COUNTDOWN BEGINS ** Brett forgot to mention Netflix’s TEXAS CHAINSAW during honorable mentions. That’s a great movie. Underrated! Let’s get a sequel. Also the Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities episodes GRAVEYARD RATS and THE AUTOPSY are great. ** On the first New Flesh podcast of 2023, it's the best-of-the-year countdown for 2022. The best horror movies of the year! Louis Peitzman joins us to make this a supersized episode full of recommendations. Before that, a discussion on an interview with James Wan and Jason Blum and all its revelations. A new Silent Hill game is coming. Subscribe to the New Flesh Patreon for weekly bonus content and more This week's episode is on PUSS IN BOOTS 2! Out Wednesday. Last week was BABYLON! The New Flesh podcast is the best horror podcast about horror movies, scary movies, and all things tangentially related to horror, horror movies and the horror lifestyle. Horror franchises, new horror releases, and all the horror news and movie industry news that's fit to print!

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