The Locksmiths:Searing Vocals Combing Creative Musing & Americana Music


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The Locksmiths: Searing Vocals Combing Creative Musing & Americana Music
The Locksmiths are an Americana husband-and-wife band mixing rich melodies with evocative lyrics. The Queens natives weave a Southern Gothic tapestry through bluegrass-inspired folk-rock.

Robert and Krissy met in 2010 through a mutual friend looking to put a band together. Upon falling in love and abandoning that project, The Locksmiths was born. Taking their mutual love of The Beatles as well as their admiration of Americana artists like The Band and Gillian Welch, Robert and Krissy began crafting their own sound. The Locksmiths soon took shape in New York City and have since toured major cities including Nashville, Austin, and Indianapolis. They released their debut album in 2016 (backed by Cole Quest & The City Pickers) to positive reviews. Whether singing about love and despair or triumph and tragedy, their songs not only inhabit a world of Faulkneresque proportions but also envelop the personal lives of the writers as well.“A truly stirring vocal performance.” - Rachel Cholst (Adobe & Teardrops)“Raucous Americana… incredibly clever lyrics that bite.” - Greg Jones (Ear to the Ground Music)“Crescendoing poetry crooned with grit. Bock’s storytelling has become more crystalline than ever before.” - Nicholas Horner (Porch Stomp)
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