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Hi, Steve Yusko here. I'm the host of the Long Island Sound Podcast. You can find the podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts or at
I introduce my audience to new original songs from singer/songwriters and we together discover the story behind these artists.
We'll share some new often newly released music on each episode. Please comment, and share the podcast.
We are always interested in your feedback. Please call the voice mail "listener line" and leave your comments, questions, and suggestions. Call (631) 800-3579 and leave a message.
We generally feature artists from Long Island, NY which has a wellspring of talent, although we are not limiting our guests to Long Island alone. If you have an interest in becoming a guest or if you know someone who would make a fantastic guest and who has original music to share have them either leave a message on the listener line or drop me an email at Steve@GigDestiny,com
Tom Pryor a guest on the podcast is the instrumentalist behind this promotion and we are using his music with permission.
Connect with The Long Island Sound Podcast:
Website: Https:// Follow Steve Yusko,, and his adventures: Website: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook
Email: Intro/Outro song in this episode:
“Fading out Fast” from Mike Nugent’s album,
Mike Nugent and the Blue Moon Band
Spotify link: Tom Pryor's Instrumental is used as background instrumental music and used with permission. All songs in this podcast episode have been used with prior permission by the artists.
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