How To Navigate Tumultuous Seas with the Hopeful Inspiring Music of Toby Tobias


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How To Navigate Tumultuous Seas with the Hopeful Inspiring Music of Toby Tobias
Toby Tobias
Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Huntington Station N.Y. based Toby Tobias has immersed himself in many American music genres while never leaving behind his roots in the rhythms and melodies of his homeland. Toby is excited to be bringing his brand of African-infused American Global Music to the ears of listeners with some of Long Island's best and most accomplished musicians.
"Putting politics and the problems of Africa aside, this is a brilliantly put-together album of quality musicianship and songs each with their own identity and style all from a man who has not forgotten his life and musical roots. As they would say in Zambia (Bemba), "Zikomo" Toby."

– Rory Stanbridge, FATEA Magazine UK

"Tobias' palpable love of Africa informs the whole CD in a way that is powerful and moving. Though the album shows the traces of his musical background and influences - which is as it should be - it also sounds very fresh. That's a pretty rare achievement in music today."


2017 Brand new ep from THE TOBY TOBIAS ENSEMBLE With Mike Nugent, Cosmo Mallardi, Jon Mele, and Richie Guerrero....The sound of Africa comes through loud and clear in the EP which gives a wonderful taster introduction to Toby's style of music."
Rory Stanbridge. FATEA Magazine, UK
(full review at:
"Favorite ep of 2017'
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“Fading out Fast” from Mike Nugent’s album,
Mike Nugent and the Blue Moon Band
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