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In his early years growing up in Indianapolis in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Noble Sissle’s musical destiny had yet to be determined. The talents began to show, but he was still a young boy who loved baseball and working odd jobs. Using research and Sissle’s writings and tape recordings, his son Noble, Jr., podcast host, explores the influences of his father and mother as well as a prominent African American in Indianapolis. The episode contains music to showcase the popularity of Sissle’s music from his 1921 Broadway play, Shuffle Along.

Assigned by his church convention to Indianapolis, Indiana, Reverend Sissle moves his family there in 1888 as he assumes the pastoral duties at Simpson Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church in Indianapolis. However, in his search for information about the church, the host learns that there are two Methodist Simpson Chapels in the area. Which is which? Did the congregation's racial makeup change over the years? Does anyone remember Reverend Sissle? Did somebody erase history? He muses, "I wonder?"

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