476: Dan David | Putting Muscle on the China Hustle


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Dan David (@Dan_David44) is an investor, activist short-seller, and whistle-blower. He is the founder of Wolfpack Research, host of the I Hung Up On Warren Buffett Podcast, and is featured in The China Hustle documentary.

What We Discuss with Dan David:

  • Dan defines what it means to be an activist short-seller, and how his research discerns between legitimate but worthwhile risks in the market and outright criminal fraud.
  • How Chinese companies use reverse mergers to trade on US markets without oversight and siphon hundreds of billions of dollars from the economy without accountability or criminal consequences.
  • Why the US government allows this legalized corruption to continue (with the blessing of investment banks).
  • In the end, who really suffers in the fallout of these reverse takeover (RTO) scams.
  • The long-term dangers of allowing this fraud to continue, and what Dan sees as our way out of this mess.
  • And much more...

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