Episode 558 | "As Luck Would Have It"


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Meek Mill continues his streak of being one of the best tweeters on the internet (21:10), and Joe sends condolences to the late comedian Teddy Ray (27:40). Next, the guys give their thoughts on luck vs. hard work (42:10), Megan Thee Stallions new album (1:08:40), NBA Youngboy's feud with Kodak Black (1:29:40), PPP Loan investigations (2:03:30) and the mistreatment of WNBA players (2:19:45). The crew also engage with a fan during the "Part of the Show" segment (2:31:25), Brent Faiyaz being an independent artist (2:45:10) and MORE!

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Sleeper Picks

Joe | LaBlue & Astrønne - “Blue”

Ice | Nipsey Hussle - “I Don’t Stress”

Parks | Domo Genesis & Evidence - “December Coming” (Ft. Boldy James)

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