Episode 15 - Season 1 - Featuring Reggie Walker (American Football Linebacker who played in the NFL and also NCAA College Football at Kansas State)


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We’re all a little "Crazy" is brought to you by the #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement & The Hockey Podcast Network.

Episode 15 :

Featuring Reggie Walker: an American football linebacker who played in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals (2009–2012), San Diego Chargers (2013–2014), and the Denver Broncos (2015). He also played his NCAA college football at Kansas State)


Darren Rovell: Sports business insider

Theo Fleury: NHL great, mental health advocate & member of the #SameHere Alliance

Eric Kussin: 20-year professional sports executive, mental health advocate, and founder of the #SameHere global mental health movement

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“This topic isn’t for 1 in 5 of us with mental illness, it’s for 5 in 5 whose mental health has been impacted".- Theo Fleury

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