The Hexagon: A Podcast For Singer-Songwriters


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The Hexagon Podcast is about six aspects of being a singer-songwriter. You can learn more about the podcast and host by listening Episode 0, or visiting You can learn more about Jesse at his website, Each episode, Jesse will meet with a fellow singer-songwriter to discuss the Six Aspects of Being a we may discuss things like: Writing What is your process? How do you stay organized? Do you immediately copyright everything? Do you co-write? Do you write out lead sheets for your songs? Performance Solo shows versus band gigs Performance tech--loop pedals, tracks, gear, etc. How do you book your shows? How do you find the right venues? Have you done any regional/national tours? Describe your most difficult show? What is your anxiety level before a typical show? What is your best strategy for merch after the show? Recording Record yourself or go to the studio? Do you try to capture your raw sound, or perfect it with studio techniques? Do you record a demo for every song? What can you do for yourself...and when is it time to hire someone else for the rest? Do you release physical recordings (i.e. CDs or vinyl) or just digital? Business Are you a member of a Performing Rights Organization (PRO, i.e. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC)? Do you know who your audience is? How did you develop that awareness? How do you know what to demand regarding pay when you play shows? How do you keep your audience engaged? Do you file taxes as a musician? How do you know where to put your energy when it comes to social media? How do you find new streams of income? Growth How do you stay informed about musical trends? How do you find new gear? Where do you find new music? How do you learn new covers? Are there techniques you've learned that took your playing, singing, or writing to a new level? Life How do you do all of the above and still have energy left over? What kind of toll does that take on your relationships? How do you define success? How long have you given yourself to "make it"? If you weren't a singer-songwriter, what else would you be pursuing?

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