After the Fall: Taliban Gains Control of Afghanistan


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After nearly 20 years of civil war and foreign intervention, the Taliban have regained control of Afghanistan. Observers from around the world were shocked at the speed of the takeover, sparking finger-pointing in the United States and fear among Afghans. While the Taliban has promised to be more inclusive and to fight terrorism, are analysts are skeptical.

Join the Global Current today as we discuss the takeover and its implications with Analysts Hamzah Khan and Liam Brucker-Casey. After, News Briefer Shweta Parthasarathy recaps some of the most pressing stories from around the world this week.

This episode was brought to you thanks to Executive Producer - Jarrett Dang, Associate Producers - Jasmine DeLeon and Joaquin Matamis, Host - Eric Bunce, Technical Producer - Chimdi Chukwukere. Keep it current with us on Instagram @TheGlobalCurrent!


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