The Alethiometer Heist and The End of The Authority: Chapters 31 and 31 of The Amber Spyglass and Episode 5 of Season 2 of His Dark Materials


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"The Scholar" (from Wikipedia)

Cardinal MacPhail claims the witches' deadly airship attack is a sign that the Authority is punishing the Magisterium for lacking devotion. McPhail then falsely accuses Father Graves, his former rival for the cardinalate, of losing faith and has him arrested. He instructs his alethiometrist, Fra Pavel, to learn Mrs Coulter's location and what she seeks. Mrs Coulter and Boreal arrive at Boreal's other Oxford house to wait for Lyra and Will's arrival. Mrs Coulter visits Mary Malone, introducing herself as Lyra's mother. Later, the Cave instructs Mary to play the serpent, journey to another world, and save the girl and boy, before shutting itself down. Paola and Angelica blame Lyra and Will for the spectres consuming their brother Tullio's soul. Lyra arrives at Boreal's, distracting him, while Will cuts a window into his house to retrieve the alethiometer. Lyra is shocked to encounter Mrs Coulter there; Pan viciously attacks Coulter’s daemon. Will, struggling with Boreal, grabs the alethiometer and cuts a window back to Cittàgazze, escaping with Lyra. Boreal warns Mrs Coulter about the spectres when she wants to follow Lyra. Mary steps through the window to Cittàgazze.

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