101 - Survive The Economic Crisis with Peter Komolafe


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Podcast ShowNotes Today I’m joined by one of the nations favourite financial advisers! Peter Komolafe’s name will be familiar to many of you as the go to finance guru on TV shows such as Lorraine and Steph’s Packed Lunch and today, he graces us with his knowledge. This was taken from a YouTube live stream where we discussed: - the reasons for the current economic crisis - How Rishi can solve the problems. - Opportunities during a recession - How to navigate the cost of living crisis You can follow Peter on: YouTube - https://youtube.com/c/conversationofmoney Instagram - instagram.com/conversationsofmoney Say Hi On Social: Facebook - Facebook.com/samnorrisproperty LinkedIn - LinkedIn.com/in/thesamnorris Instagram - Instagram.com/thesamnorris Twitter - twitter.com/thesamnorris YouTube - YouTube.com/thesamnorris

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