MSU's 2022-23 Season, Recruiting, NIL, & the Tourney with Graham Couch


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October 27, 2022: We sat down with Graham Couch of the Lansing State Journal and Couch and the Rube Podcast to get his thoughts on MSU's upcoming season and a host of other NCAA basketball issues. We talked about the potentially larger than expected role of Carson Cooper, whether Mady Sissoko can hang at the 5 spot, and what it will take for MSU to make a deep run in March or flame out and miss the tourney entirely.

Additionally, Graham gave his thoughts on how recruiting has changed and whether Izzo is changing his philosophy in the face of a general lack of talent in Michigan and the presence of easy transfers and NIL. Finally, we touched briefly on what might happen to the NCAA tournament if it expands and how Couch thinks it would be ok so long as they make certain provisions in expanding the field.

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