MSU Survives Last Minute Flurry From Portland 78-77


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November 27, 2022: Michigan State faced the University of Portland on their home court in the fifth place game of the PK 85 tournament. It was a tale of three games as Portland dominated the first half with a barrage of 3 pointers (9-19) to take an 8 point lead into halftime (42-34).

But the Spartans came back and on the backs of great shooting, solid defense, and tough rebounding took a commanding 12 point lead with a few minutes to go. But that's where this game unfortunately got very interesting as the 12 point lead was cut to one with 40 seconds left to play. The lead implosion happened on the back of 3 turnovers and multiple 3 pointers from the Pilots in front of their own fans.

Thanks to some great defense by MSU on the last possession they survived the Portland, OR trip down two men with a 2-1 record as they prepare for the ACC/Big10 Challenge in South Bend against Notre Dame.

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