MSU Defeats Villanova 73-71


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November 19, 2022: The Spartans held on to defeat the Villanova Wildcats 73-71 at the Breslin on a snowy night in East Lansing. After being up 16 with less than 8 minutes to play, Villanova almost came all the way back using key turnovers and opportunistic 3s and free throws to catch up and beat MSU.

Fortunately, Tyson Walker was there in the clutch to prevent Michigan State from losing this game as he hit big shot after big shot to keep just enough separation for the win. Mady Sissoko came back down to earth as he was challenged by Villanova's center, Eric Dixon, who scored 24 points playing differently from the previous two matchups that Mady had earlier.

Overall, a good quality win for State as they prepare to head out west to the PK85 tournament where they will open up against Alabama. We close the show with a brief discussion about the Big Ten and its non-conference performance which might suggest the league is a little better than anyone thought.

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