How to Make Academy Award-winning Indie Films with Shadow Magic and Confetti writer & director Ann Hu.


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On this week’s podcast, Giles Alderson welcomes writer & director Ann Hu to the show. She is the Chinese Academy Award-winning director of the feature film Shadow Magic (2000), starring Jared Harris. Now Ann is back with her delightful second feature film, Confetti, which is out now.

Ann dives deep into her filmmaking career, what it was like to win an Academy Award for her debut film as well as dealing with arrogance and success. She also talks about the making of Confetti, how she raised the money, why you should take ideas from real life, and why it’s important to have an independent voice.

She also discusses how she directs actors, her shooting process, and gives tips and tricks for aspiring filmmakers.

It was an absolute delight to chat with Ann. So do not hesitate! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode with Ann Hu.

Confetti is out NOW! The film centres around a traditional Chinese family who face a number of obstacles after their daughter is diagnosed with dyslexia.





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