EP 210 - Maximizing Your Full Potential with Tommy Newberry


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The sad truth about most of us is that we aren't actively living up to our full potential. We spend way too much time playing small and accepting mediocre performance and never stretching ourselves to achieve more.
Today, we have Tommy Newberry on the show to talk about his journey to peak performance and the work he does to coach men to maximize their potential.
Tommy is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal’s bestselling author of The Four Eight Principal and Success is Not an Accident. He is the Founder and Head Coach of Achieving Optimal, an organization focused on helping Christian entrepreneurs attain the next level of financial success without compromising their faith, family, and health.

Tommy is passionate about coaching! He started coaching baseball when he was 25 and is still going strong thirty-one years later! He is with us today to talk about the principles of success, and his pillars of faith, family, and health.

You will definitely not want to miss this show if you are a man looking to change your life for the better! Stay tuned to learn how to reach your fullest potential in life and become your optimal self!

Show highlights:

  • The realization that led Tommy to write his books and build a successful business.
  • For Tommy, fitness is of paramount importance!
  • Physical and spiritual fitness spill over into mindset.
  • Tommy talks about the 3 Bs which are vital for living a healthy life.
  • Tommy defines what optimal means to him.
  • We have to spend less time on our phones!
  • Why we must be discerning about what we feed ourselves mentally.
  • We need to train our minds to focus on the positive.
  • It is vital to have a vision of the future life you desire for yourself.
  • When your perspective changes, everything changes!
  • Tommy describes his EMSR (Early Morning Success Ritual).
  • Why is it essential to live a proactive lifestyle?
  • Tommy dives into the principles of success.
  • How you can influence an entire culture as a dad.

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