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On the fourth episode of the Family Discipleship Podcast the hosts (Adam Griffin, Cassie Bryant, and Chelsea Griffin) talk with their friend and special guest Jen Wilkin.

Jen is an author and bible teacher from Dallas Texas. To learn more about Jen you can follow her on instagram @jenwilkin and find out more about her ministry at

Questions we asked Jen in this episode:

  • Who is Jen the mom? What is the Wilkin family like?
  • What is it like for your family now entering into grandparent phase?
  • What kind of intentionality went into being available to your kids to talk about hard things?
  • None of us are perfect parents. Can you think of a time that things did not go “according to plan” in the Wilkin home?
  • What was some of the best wisdom you received from someone else about leading your family spiritually?
  • How did the attributes of God come up for you in conversations with your kids?
  • If you could go back to when your first child was born and give yourself one piece of advice about the Wilkin family’s spiritual life, what would you say?
  • Did y’all have formal time in the word together? Was everyone on their own? How did it change as your kids got older?
  • What are the prayers you prayed for your kids that you saw the Lord answer?
  • What role has the church played in coming alongside your family as you’ve discipled them?
  • Is there any scripture that you or your family can point to that has been a guide to you in how you’ve led your home?
  • What are the prayers you have for your kids right now?

Some of our favorite quotes from Jen Wilkin in this episode:

  • I did not want them to leave our home and find out we were human after they left. We wanted to work through some of that while they were still at home and we could parent through it.
  • I prayed that they could encounter real challenges that we could work through while they were still with us.
  • People want your kids to be something and they want you to be something. They want you to be a perfect parent and they want to know that doing the right things will yield the right outcomes. We prayed that our children would have the freedom to fail, even if it was a public failure, in a way that would build character in them and not bitterness.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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