Ep# 79 A Journey to the West: Nicholas Ng on the Music of the Teochew Diaspora in Western Sydney


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This week is familiar stranger Jarrod’s first interview! For this episode, Jarrod sits down with Dr Nicholas Ng from Western Sydney Uni’s Institute for Culture and Society. Dr Ng is a person of many hats, from co-directing the Sydney Conservatorium's very first 30-piece Chinese Music Ensemble to composing works for the likes of QL2 and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Jarrod and Nicholas start by defining the term of ethnomusicology and where it sits in relation to anthropological practises of the past. They then explore Nicholas’s musical journey and how he ends up in a community centre filled with old men in Western Sydney. Also, tune in this week for a special musical break! Head over to our website for a full list of links and citations!

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