Proven Strategies for Recruiting Great Employees with Julia Pollak


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Join us as our host, George Kamel, starts this episode with a new segment. He’s joined by Kacy Maxwell—the executive director of marketing for EntreLeadership. They react to a Forbes article, Five Tips On Recruiting The Best Talent For Your Small Business. Is this the same advice EntreLeaders like you should be taking? Tune in to find out! Later in the episode, George Kamel talks to Julia Pollak. Julia is a bestselling author and the chief economist at ZipRecruiter. Her team uses data from the ZipRecruiter marketplace to measure the health of the labor market, identify hiring trends, and help employers like you. Julia shares the research her team has done so we can find and hire the best people for the positions we’re looking to fill.

You’ll learn:

• How to fill those open spots on your team

• The key to hiring great people

• If employees are less loyal today

• Whether you should you use Forbes’ hiring advice

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