Why Humor Is a Secret Weapon at Work with Naomi Bagdonas


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Join us as our host, George Kamel, talks with Naomi Bagdonas. She’s a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and an executive coach. Naomi is also a coauthor of the bestselling book, Humor, Seriously. In this episode, she shares the benefits of humor at work, the different humor styles we use, and what to do when a joke doesn’t land. Later, George chats with Kacy Maxwell—the executive director of marketing for EntreLeadership. He shares when not to use humor at work (from personal experience). When figuring out what type of humor is appropriate for the workplace, it’s important to be aware of the fine line between stuff we should and shouldn’t say.

You’ll learn:

• Why you should laugh more at work

• The four styles of humor at work

• How to recover from a bad joke at work

• How humor can go completely wrong at work

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