The Secret to Being a Confident Leader with Dr. Karyn Gordon


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Join us as our host, George Kamel, talks to Dr. Karyn Gordon. Karyn is a bestselling author and a TEDx Talk speaker. She’s also a co-founder and the CEO of DK Leadership—a global leadership coaching company. Karyn talks through ways you can improve your relational and emotional intelligence so you can lead your team well. Then, she highlights the different confidence mindsets and how we can all work toward a healthy mindset. Later in the episode, George chats with Dr. John Delony, a Ramsey Personality and #1 national bestselling author. He unpacks three things that are killing your confidence and how to overcome them.

You’ll learn:

• The real reason people are leaving their jobs

• The three most common types of leaders

• An illustration that reveals the kind of leader you are

• The three confidence killers that leaders overlook

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