The 5 Reasons You Need an Assistant with Tricia Sciortino


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Join us as our host, George Kamel, talks to Tricia Sciortino. She’s the CEO and a board member of BELAY—one of the nation's leading virtual assistant companies as well as a sponsor of this podcast. Tricia is a cohost of the One Next Step podcast and the author of Rise Up & Lead Well. In this episode, she shares five reasons it might be time to hire an assistant. Later on, George chats with Daniel Ramsey, the executive vice president of EntreLeadership, and Morgan Davidson, Daniel’s executive assistant. They share the top three mistakes leaders make when working with their assistants and how you can avoid them.

You’ll learn:

• The best way to delegate to your assistant

• How leaders become more productive

• Why leaders need to be future-focused

• The top three mistakes leaders make with their assistant

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