Free Agent Frenzy brings excitement, and some awful PR for Carolina


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Today on the Cross-Check NHL Show, Mary Clarke and Andrew Berkshire decided there was too much news from the NHL's busiest day on the calendar to bring in a guest, so we're bringing you an hour long episode on Free Agent Frenzy!

To start things off, Andrew and Mary discuss another NHL franchise shooting themselves in the food from a brand and PR perspective, as the Carolina Hurricanes opted to sign Tony DeAngelo. Why would a team take a risk on a player who was literally kicked off his last team mid-season?

From there, the hosts break down the biggest names moving on Free Agency day, including Dougie Hamilton to the New Jersey Devils, Phillip Danault to the Los Angeles Kings, and whatever it is the Philadelphia Flyers are doing, before finishing off the segment with rapid fire reactions.

To wrap things up, Mary and Andrew discuss the bevy of moves the Seattle Kraken made, and ask if their first taste of free agency can make them a contender.

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