May 2020 - Cross Stitch, Zoe Frost


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Welcome to our Cross Stitch Workshop with Zoe Frost of Junebug & Darlin. This Cross Stitch Workshop is an excellent creative practice for novice and expert makers alike. Cross-stitching is achieved through using a grid. By working in a pre-gridded fabric, there’s no guessing as to where to put your stitches or what type of stitch will work best. Cross-stitching is a great methodical craft.

Zoe Frost of Junebug & Darlin will walk you through each of the curated supplies in your kit. You’ll learn how to read a counted cross stitch pattern, and from there, stitch your way through her speciality design, created just for our community of makers. You’ll also explore technique and skills in how to back your embroidery hoop for a professional finish.

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