March 2021 - Drop Spindle, Lauren McElroy


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If you’ve ever been curious about how to spin your own yarn for all of your favorite fiber arts, this workshop is what you’ve been waiting for. We are learning how to spin custom yarn from fiber on a drop spindle with incredible fiber artist and pattern designer Lauren McElroy In her own practice, Lauren sources and curates her yarn from fleece to wearable art. In this workshop, Lauren teaches us how to start with top wool and spin it into a beautiful skein of hand-spun yarn.

This workshop comes with everything you need; including two wooden drop spindles, combed top wool, cotton leader yarn, spools and wooden dowels. We’ve also lined up the perfect set of add-ons to really take your spinning skills to the next level — like a blending board and niddy noddy (don’t worry, Lauren covers all of these in her digital tutorial).

We begin by learning the fundamentals of drop spinning: how to split wool in preparation for spinning, how to draft and park to spin singles, and how to ply and finish the yarn. Combed top wool is the perfect fiber for beginners to learn how to spin on a drop spindle. It’s incredibly accessible and all of the fine fibers are aligned making it much easier to work with and more predictable. By the end, you’ll have a completely custom skein of yarn with the satisfaction of turning raw fiber into a workable thread.

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