Leather Sandal Making with Rachel Corry - A Premium Workshop


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In her Leather Sandal Making workshop, Rachel Corry of Rachel Sees Snail Shoes will teach us every aspect of the sandal making process. Though the thought of handcrafting your own sandals may feel a bit intimidating at first, Rachel breaks the process into clear, simple and straightforward steps, empowering us to create footwear worth flaunting. In your workshop, Rachel teaches a simple slide style of sandal with an optional slingback. It’s simple to make any other style of sandal, even one of your own invention, with Rachel’s guidance.

We’ll first go over tools and materials and then get right into checking patterns against our own feet. No matter the sandal design, the making process is the same: patterns, cutting, draping, slots, taping, scratching, gluing, and sanding. Your hard work will pay off, and you will be ecstatic to go out and share your new shoes with the world.

Learn more: https://thecraftersbox.com/2021-q2-premium-featured-maker-sandals/

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