June 2021 - Painted Leather, Kel Cadet Lyons


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In this workshop, we explore the art of painting with style and vibrancy on a custom leather clutch. We’ve collaborated with artist Kel Cadet-Lyons of R-KI-TEKT in a craft honoring culture, art and design. Together, we’ve hand-selected a variety of paint brushes and bright, playful hues to create a harmonious dance of colors and patterns. Kel walks you through her step-by-step tutorial while sharing her personal color theory, simultaneously exploring surface treatments and patterns in using an oil-based marker to add contrast and details.

Kel encourages you to unearth your power in creativity, drawing inspiration from things in your life that bring you happiness as you test and hone skills using your new collection of tools and materials. Continue your exploration by utilizing found objects in your home as your next painting tool, or by using leftover paints to breathe new life into a favorite leather piece. Ultimately, Kel hopes to help you release any intimidation surrounding customization of this style and walk away with a beautiful leather clutch you’ll be proud to carry.

Learn more: https://thecraftersbox.com/2021-06-featured-maker/

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