April 2021 - Handmade Paper, Rae Samuels


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In this workshop we explore the art of handcrafted paper. Join us as we work side-by-side with Rae Samuels to pour, mold, press and dry - follow along with Rae's recipes or customize as you craft.

Paper becomes stationery for a letter to a friend, a journaling entry or a backdrop to photo memories. Paper transforms when it becomes a thoughtful gift tag, wrapping paper, a seating card, a menu or an invitation to commemorate an experience.

We use paper to forge connections with others, celebrate and communicate news and milestones such as births and weddings, and to document and share our own stories throughout time. What a wonderful history! Paper has been used for everything from currency to communication.

Paper has historically been crafted using a diverse array of materials from around the globe. This workshop takes us step-by-step through the process of making, starting with creating the pulp all the way through adding custom embellishments, and finally, pressing and drying our paper creations for use.

Learn more: https://thecraftersbox.com/2021-04-featured-maker/

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