Being a comedian with autism


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We chat to Mark Nicholas, an autistic stand-up comedian and workshop leader, who is the promoter for the fantastic Laugh-Able Comedy night. Here is an overview of what we discussed:

[[06:32]] How he develops material

[[08:58]] Why he loves Mcing

[[11:27]] Why he loves pie and mash

[[16:39]] How his background shaped his comedy

[[23:48]] How he dealt with losing a parent

[[44:41]] Explaining autism to outsiders

[[50:14]] How the comedy circuit could be changed for the better

If you would like to know more about Mark, you can reach him on Instagram at marknicholas9690, Facebook at marknicholasstandupcomedian or twitter at mnicholascomic. Also, if you would like to know more about his comedy club you can reach Laughable on Instagram at laughable1990 and Twitter at laughable9690. If you enjoyed the episode, you can help support the podcast by donating to the Patreon at or follow Marvin through his Linktree at

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