Christian Jokes Aren't Funny (Lost In Heaven)


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Welcome to the kitchen table--where we're eating soup/salad and thanking God for banana bread. The 6-year-old, Emmi, has some concerns about life after death that will make your heart melt.

THEN, we share a Sea Chanty that was written by our good friend, John thomas Oaks, to promote Vacay with Comics! If you've wondered what it would be like to go on vacation with a bunch of Christian comedians, this is the event for you. Visit for more information. (And, to see the video version of this song, visit the John Branyan YouTube Channel.)
Finally, John talks about an interview between Pete Holmes and Tom Segura, with the totally-not-clickbait title "PETE HOLMES HATES THESE CHRISTIAN JOKES!"
There are two problems. #1. Pete Holmes is an ex-Christian who still tries to speak like some type of authority on Christian culture. #2. The "jokes" (and "comedians") he mocks do not represent the best Christian material out there. Everyone agrees the jokes are corny and terribly--including the vast majority of Christians.

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