10 Links you should click (March 2021)


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As part of my daily routine, I scan dozens of blogs, visit a handful of Facebook groups, and skim through Twitter.

The goal: find the most helpful resources, tools, and articles that I can share with my teacher friends (that’s you!).

Here are my favorite links for March 2021:

  1. Schedule breakout rooms in advance
  2. Version history for Jamboard
  3. All the new stuff in ChomeOS Ver. 89
  4. NEW screen recording for Chromebooks
  5. 30 Ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom
  6. 7 tips for teaching with Jamboard
  7. Create fill-in spaces with Google Docs
  8. Review: One by Wacom
  9. Stop stealing dreams
  10. Chromebook Prank guide

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