'Works With Chromebook' & USI pens that copy colors from the world


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This week on The Chrome Cast, we begin our discussion around the growing 'Works With Chromebook' initiative from Google. Though it seems nearly everything you plug into a Chromebook works these days, Google is going the extra step to ease consumers' minds about peripherals that they may come across in a store like Best Buy or Walmart. If it is marked 'Works With Chromebook', then it just works.

We also get into the crazy new USI pen tech that we're now seeing being tested on Chromebooks with Ufro's color-picking pens that simply work with Chromebooks. No additional steps are needed to touch an object in the real world and replicate it almost instantly on your Chromebook.

Finally, we tackle the long-standing issues we've had with YouTube Music, app confusion, lacking cast support, and the fact that Google understands where it has failed here and has officially stated that they are on the road to fixing not just the casting woes with YouTube Music, but the offline access as well.



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