Tiger Lake speed, Google I/O sessions, and Q1 Chromebook sales skyrocket


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This week on The Chrome Cast, we begin the show by talking a bit in depth about the new ASUS Chromebook CX5 and, more importantly, about the difference Tiger Lake Intel processors are poised to make in the Chromebook market. This device is not only attractive and well-made, it is by far the fastest Chromebook we’ve ever had in the office and demolishes even the 10th-gen Core i7 in every benchmark across the board. What this means for the future of mid/high-range Chromebooks this year is incredibly promising.

In the second half of the show, we talk through the updated Google I/O 2021 website and how simple Google is making it this year for those who want to take in some sessions. The site is easy to distill and navigate and it makes finding just the right content very intuitive. What we’ll see at I/O still remains a bit of a mystery, but with this session layout, we at least have a bit of a look at what’s coming. With one of those sessions again being centered on Android apps on Chromebooks, we’re hopeful the consistent messaging from Google on this paired with the huge Q1 sales numbers for Chromebooks combine to get more developers on board to make Android apps run well on larger screens.


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