Stadia PWA on iOS impresses and Google buys up Neverware


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This week on The Chrome Cast, we spend the first portion of the show discussing the incredible job the Stadia team has done in bringing the Stadia experience over to iPhone and iPad via an impressive PWA. With so much happening in Stadia from game streaming to messaging to chat and Wi-Fi controller pairing, it is amazing to see a PWA do so much completely contained in a browser tab.

In the second half, we discuss Google’s recent acquisition of Neverware, makers of CloudReady OS. If you are not familiar, this company has be repurposing old Windows and MacOS laptops with a custom version of Chromium OS for years, and now they are officially part of the Google team. The ramifications could be wide, here, and we’re not entirely sure what Google is up to with this move, but we have some thoughts.


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