Google teases new hardware for I/O 2021


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This week on The Chrome Cast, we spend the first part of the show discussing the new Chromebook hardware that is in the office and on the way. From ASUS, there is the new pre-order of the CM5, the impending CM3 Detachable, and the CX5 we have in the office and unboxed earlier this week. On the Acer front, we talk quite a bit about our upcoming review of the Acer Chromebook Spin 513 and what the first Snapdragon Chromebook brings to the table.

In the second half, we're in Google I/O 2021 mode, talking through all the teases that have us believing there will be some new hardware shown off at Google's return to their annual developer conference. Though there aren't many leaks aside from the new Pixel 5a and Pixel Buds A, it seems Google may have other new hardware lined up to announce that hasn't leaked out prior. It will be a fun few days in mid-May either way, and we're even more excited for it now.



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