Early Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 thoughts and 4-week Chrome updates


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This week on The Chrome Cast, we start our conversation around the beautiful and slightly-confounding Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2. As I thought when entering my review period with this device, this is a tough Chromebook to review. With such a striking similarity to its predecessor, it is impossible not to draw comparisons between the two, and that leaves the new Galaxy Chromebook 2 in a bit of an awkward position. Our review is coming, but tune in to hear my thoughts at this point in the process.

For the second half, our conversation is dominated by Google's new 4-week update approach to Chrome. While not clear what will happen with Chrome OS amidst this update, we have some thoughts on how things will progress once Chrome 94 hits in Q4 of 2021. It has a bit to do with the maturation of Chrome OS and the continued work being done on the standalone version of Chrome that is being built for Chromebooks, currently code named 'Lacros'.



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