A deeper look at the coming Chromebook gaming revolution


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This week on The Chrome Cast, we’re excited to welcome our contributing writer – Luke Short – who is well versed in the development that is ongoing with the gaming changes coming to Chrome OS in the coming months. Between ‘Mushu’ and a dedicated GPU in the works for a Chromebook, the Borealis project (which is bringing Steam games to Chrome OS), Proton (which brings Windows games to Linux for Steam), and the all new Steam Deck handheld gaming PC, we stick to gaming and gaming alone in this episode.

All of these things are working together towards a gaming revolution that is on the way for Chromebook users. Better GPUs add to the custom Steam container (Borealis) and the combo will make Steam games possible in the near future. Proton opens the door for Windows games in this setting and the new Steam Deck only propels the impending availability of the 50,000+ Steam games with Valve hoping to have 100% compatibility for their library by December when the Steam Deck actually launches. It all works together to create a very compelling case for local gaming on Chromebooks by the end of 2021.


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