Pixel Watch accessories, ChromeOS Flex BTS, and Acer 516 GE review


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This week on The Chrome Cast, we start the show by talking through a bunch of new accessories that have hit the market for the Pixel Watch. Though this is the tip of the iceberg and many more are likely on the way, it is great to see some truly useful additions for Google's new wearable from 3rd party companies already hitting virtual store shelves.

After that, we move on to discuss some interesting things we learned while up in NYC earlier this month. During our time at Google's offices, we were able to have a lengthy discussion about ChromeOS Flex and the methods that are used to determine what devices get the green check in Google's database of certified devices. Not only does every certified device get run through a massive battery of tests, they are also all there in Google's testing lab, and we got to look around in there a bit.

Finally, we cover some notes from the soon-to-released Acer Chromebook 514 GE review that will be out early next week. What Acer has built with this device is nothing short of awesome, and though they set out to create a great cloud gaming Chromebook, they ended up building a fantastic overall device, too.



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