Imaginary Dollars


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Imaginary Dollars May 4th, 2021 Tonight on The Caramel Conservative: With all of the money that has been printed over the past year one has to wonder when is the bill coming due? Well, it’s coming so let’s talk about how we got here and how you can protect yourself. This is going to be a hell of a show! So let’s get into it!!! America! Shall We Begin! All of this and more tonight on this LIVE episode of The Caramel Conservative Podcast! Interactive Chat Room will be up and running and with any luck so will the LIVE Call In Number at 920-376-9400. We want to hear from you and get your take on what’s going on. Sign Up For A Spreaker Account & Join In To Be A Part Of The Interactive Chatroom Tonight! Link: ==================== About The Caramel Conservative Podcast is a no holds barred, no B.S. take on current events and politics in the United States with a great mixture of sarcasm and humor from a very right of center perspective tempered with common sense. Heard LIVE Every Tuesday Night 8pm CST. ==================== Follow Me On: Website: Contact: Facebook: Spreaker Podcast: Odyssey: Rumble: BitChute: MINDS: MeWe: Gab: CloutHub: PocketNet: ==================== Interested in Cryptocurrency? Get $10 in Bitcoin when you join Coinbase and buy $100 in crypto My Patriot Supply Prepare your family for the unforeseen

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